Russell Quinn is a technology producer at False Vacuum and partner at Sudden Oak.

He was previously employed as McSweeney’s Digital Media Director where he developed and implemented their e-book strategy, and relaunched their popular humor website and store. Before that, he cofounded multinational digital agency Spoiled Milk, and made tools for games consoles at Sony.

In 2009, he invented the first subscription-based iPhone app in the publishing industry. In 2012, he cocreated The Silent History, a Webby Award-winning digital novel for iOS. In 2015, he cocreated The Pickle Index, a story told via a fictional recipe-sharing app. His work has been recognized by Apple, Sundance, SXSW, Wired, Time, Core77, and Creative Review.

A native Englishman, Russell left the UK in 2005, eventually settling in rural California after periods in Denmark and Switzerland.